Who We Are

EDforTech Alliance recognizes STEM education as a force multiplier for equity.

By unlocking the STEM economy, we’re equipping young people with the tools to help them reach their fullest potential through self-actualization, and improve the overall quality of life.

We provide students and educators with the resources and support that they need to thrive. With access to STEM learning, students will be driven to more challenging and rewarding careers; jobs that require critical thinking, the scientific methods of inquiry  and engineering design skills, – the heart of STEM careers of the future. 

The STEM economic pipeline demands:

The STEM Economic Pipeline Demands

Students receive a quality STEM education

To pursue sophisticated STEM career paths

Resulting in wealth creation benefiting both micro and macro economics

Theory of Action

Student Success

Personalized for Learner Learning Management Systems Customized Data, Assessment, and Support

Teacher Success

Professional Development Training and Tech Support Mentoring/Coaching Stipend

Quality Assurance

Flexible Implementation Researched-Based Strategies Performance Data