ETA addresses Math and Reading Proficiency with Analytics

Pandemic-driven learning loss. This has been a concern for educators and administrators since schools closed in 2020.  We learned much about our digital IQ and capacity to pivot to online learning environments.  Unfortunately, for many students, these last two years have seen them fall below grade level, especially in reading and math. The Nation’s report card shows a significant decline in math that has usurped almost two decades of academic growth in these subjects. Here is the full NAEP report: NAEP Long-Term Trend Assessment Results: Reading and Mathematics

To help combat learning loss, EDforTech Alliance (ETA) has created a data-driven partnership with SUNY-Potsdam’s educational technology department to create a robust system to help teachers see where their students are in the learning process. Using individualized learning is intended to help students who have fallen behind regain lost ground. Schools that participated in this program improved their student reading and math scores during the pandemic. ETA and SUNY-Potsdam add additional data analytics, which provide weekly status reports on reading and math that are not found in the dashboard in SM. ETA also provides certificates for the top-performing students each week/month for motivational purposes. To honor our commitment to helping students improve in math and reading, ETA offers a 100-student pilot program for any interested school/district.  See some of our results below and connect with us here.

ETA student results show that, on average, using this program for 30-60 min per week produces a 1 Grade Level Increase in 30 learning hours over the year. The figures below show one district’s gains posted during the pandemic. Somerton SD is in Arizona, is 95% Latino, 98% FRLN, and is a migrant community that was virtual all year in grades K-8. Figures 1 and 2 show resultant gains posted using the “SUCCESS” program of ETA/SUNY Potsdam.

Figure 1. ETA Somerton SD Academy Reading GLI Week of 6/3/21

 Total YTD Gain: 0.0690 Average Weekly Gain: 0.022 Estimated End of Year Gain: 0.712* (Source: State University of New York-Potsdam, 2021- Pandemic Year Gains)

Figure 2. ETA Somerton AD Academy Average Math GLI Week of 06/03/21 Total YTD Gain: 0.440 Average Weekly Gain: 0.020 Estimated End of Year Gain: 0.500* (Source: State University of New York-Potsdam, 2021- Pandemic Year Gains)

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