Summer Learning? EDforTech Alliance Addresses Learning Gaps with SuccessMaker Focus 

This past summer EDforTech Alliance (ETA) worked with schools and community development centers across the country to support summer learning. ETA’s summer program is designed to address unfinished learning from the previous grade level by integrating SuccessMaker Focus into the instructional model.  This approach utilized interactive digital courses with explicit instruction and practice in priority skills from the previous grade level. ETA’s program further enhances the course with real-time data offering instant insights into student progress. This allows teachers to easily focus instruction on the key concepts where students have the most unfinished learning. During the summer, in just 20 minutes a day, at least 3 times a week, schools and centers were able to give all students entering first through eighth grade a strong foundation for grade-level reading and math instruction for the 2023-24 school year. Professional development was conducted virtually in a 2 hour session. 

Efficiently address unfinished learning by:

  • Students will receive explicit instruction and skills practice in the previous grade level’s priority skills that are most critical for success in the next grade level.
  • Review your class data each week through the mastery dashboard.
  • Prioritize your small group instruction based on student progress.

Interested in next summer? Connect here. Visit us at or call us at: (323) 601-8231

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